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More About XROADS

XRoads Networks is the inventor of next generation session-based acceleration and bandwidth management via our Accelibond, Adaptiband, ApeXcache, ApeXfilter, Site2Site, XFlow and ActiveDNS technologies. XRoads' is a leading developer of enterprise class MultiWAN optimization appliances utilizing unified bandwidth management (UBM) technology.

Our solutions deliver reliable and secure bandwidth management capabilities to assist organizations which utilize the Internet and cloud-based applications. Our MultiWAN optimization appliances improve the security, responsiveness, and reliability of business critical cloud-enabled applications.

The name "XRoads Networks" was developed around the idea that our EdgeXOS platforms would be deployed at the crossroads between the LAN and WAN connections as this is where most of the performance and security issues that our network optimization appliances could resolve.

Founded in 2001, XRoads Networks, a private company headquartered in Irvine, California. Our products are integrated into some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, as well as many small to mid-sized organizations in over 50 countries.

With thousands of appliances deployed and tens of thousands of end-users working behind our products we have demonstrated a proven track record for delivering secure, responsive and highly reliable bandwidth management solutions.

 About Vedicis

Vedicis provides Policy Control/Enforcement and Network Traffic intelligence solutions to fixed and mobile operators to manage and monetize broadband for better user experience and new revenue streams.
Vedicis innovative software DPI-Policy Control platform helps customers to solve data congestion issues with better QoS and QoE, and create new services with precise content and bandwidth control depending on user service entitlement.

We focus on delivering visibility (granular statistics) intelligence (usage metering for user profiling and charging) and control (URL filtering for parental control, applications quota and bandwidth enforcement per user, smart routing for traffic stee-ring) with rapid ROI, scalability and fast integration.

Vedicis helps telcos and communication service providers to unleash the benefits of Internet traffic growth and provide them rich and powerful solutions to address their current challenges for visibility, control and monetization of data traffic.

Vedicis platforms delivers traffic analysis and actions to understand and improve subscriber's experience, and to generate differentiated services and new business opportunities, from the core network, whatever the blend of access technologies (LTE, 3G, 2G, Wifi, Wimax, DSL, Fiber, Cable)


NetXcom ICT / XRoads Solutions:

Solutions and Technology offerings:

Markets requirements – MEA region:

Customers required the next generation cost effective solutions for :

  • session bonding;
  • dynamic bandwidth management;
  • MultiWAN technology.

We have to ensure the most cost efficient use of:

Customer WAN (wida-area network) connectivity and we have to provide significant advantages over traditional :

  • load balancing;
  • traffic shaping;
  • WAN optimization solutions.

Our bandwidth management solutions include our Accelibond, Adaptiband, Site2Site, ApeXfilter and ActiveDNS technologies.

XRoads Networks developed the first Unified Bandwidth Management™ products based on these technologies. UBM by design provides an excellent platform for Internet and cloud connectivity which incorporates a number of core bandwidth management and network optimization capabilities. The following are some of the key functions built-in to the EdgeXOS platforms:


Accelibond™ Internet Session Bonding (MSA)
Bond multiple ISP connections


Adaptiband™ Dynamic Bandwidth Management (DBM)
Equalize bandwidth distribution


Site2Site™ VPN Virtualization (S2S)
Bond multiple tunnels to increase speed and reliability


ApeXfilter™ NextGen Application Filter (MWF)
Next generation filtering & caching technology


ActiveDNS™ Inbound Load Balancing
Server link balancing w/redundancy


XFlow™ Real-Time Network Reporting (XRE)
Detailed application reporting


Active Network Redundancy (ActiveHA™)
Route failover and network monitoring


Server Load Balancing (SLB)
Application distribution and failover


MultiWAN Link Load Balancing (MVP)
Advanced application routing


Application QoS/Throttling (ATS)
Policy-based application & end-user shaping


Comprehensive Cloud Firewall (CFW)
Network security services


Comprehensive LAN Router (CLR)
VLANs, Bridging, SNAT/PAT, Bypass

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Email Nico for the following brochures:

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  • HowToGuide-Reporting.pdf (480kb)
  • PDS Vedicis Content Smart Switch.v4.eng.r2.pdf (591kb)
  • pds-vedicis-parental-control-solution.v1.eng.r4.pdf (638kb)
  • SDS Vedicis Data Traffic Control.v2.eng.r4.pdf (595kb)
  • SDS Vedicis Data Traffic Monetization.v3.eng.r4.pdf (416kb)
  • SDS Vedicis Data Traffic Visibility.v2.eng.r4.pdf (502kb)
  • SOL Vedicis Traffic Analytics - Solution Overview_2014_Q3.pdf (2 016kb)
  • VEDICIS_Policy EnforcementV1.0.docx (4kb)
  • XRoads Networks _ Link Bonding _ Link-Bonding _ WAN Load Balancing.htm (60kb)
  • XRoads_Networks_Competitive_Advantages.pdf (728kb)
  • XRoads-Networks-Product-Brochure 2015.pdf (2 479kb)



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